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Seduced by Mommy Vol.7
Back cover - Seduced by Mommy Vol.7

Seduced by Mommy Vol.7

Description : Mom, this is too weird, but that feels so good! My panties are so wet, just like yours Mommy! We’re going to make you comfortable with your body, no matter what I have to do! A mother’s work is never done! Are you sure it is OK? If it feels good, then it is OK! Ohhh, you’re such a good daughter, I love eating your pussy!

Starring : Alana Evans, Claire Heart, Amber Michaels, Casana Lei, Kiera Winters, Maple Lee, Claudia Valentine, Rilee Marks

Alana Evans and Claire - Wake and Quiver

Description: Alana Evans and Claire chat amid the kitchen steam, to start today's 27 minute lesbian scene. Later, all that flirtation is ringing around the MILF's head... so she wakes the younger brunette and takes a chance at making a pass! These two prove so hungry for pussy, their tongues practically do all the work as their pussies are driven again and again to orgasm... you know what they say, a woman always knows exactly what, exactly when!

Starring: Alana Evans, Claire Heart

Amber Michaels and Casana Lei - Hey, Nice Tits!

Description: Amber Michaels and Casana Lei let dirty girl talk and harmless flirtation turn into a much more, in this 34 minute lesbian scene. The old ''your tits are so nice'' line gets them every time... a young hottie can always enjoy being told she's as hot as she knows she is, and this MILF has no shame about groping and going in for a kiss! It's not long before these two are 69ing on the couch...

Starring: Amber Michaels, Casana Lei

Kiera Winters and Maple Lee

Description: Kiera Winters lets Maple Lee seduce her after a nap, in this 25 minute lesbian scene. The younger brunette wakes up and doesn't mind the soft touches and flirtations of her MILF friend one bit... so when the older lesbian keeps coming closer, she only gets more and more excited. By the time she goes for the grope and kiss, they're both feeling the heat, and ready to let this dream play out...

Starring: Kiera Winters, Maple Lee

Claudia Valentine, Rilee Marks, and Wiggly Tongues

Description: Claudia Valentine and Rilee Marks make more steam than an old train, in this 24 minute lesbian scene. Rilee is easily seduced by this MILF's smooth charms. Claudia can't stop thinking about those big tits and Rilee's sweet, expressive face... she's got to do more than look and flirt, so Rilee lets Claudia touch, taste, and make her cum! And Rilee is more than eager to try her fingers at making Claudia cum, too...

Starring: Claudia Valentine, Rilee Marks