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Kissing Cousins
Back cover - Kissing Cousins

Kissing Cousins Vol.1

Description : Do you like it? Yes! I think you can call us kissing cousins! Fucking cousins sounds kinda hot! Itís a little weird, but I love the taste of my cuzís pussy! Cousins do grow up! Iím not into boys, just relax and feel me kiss you!

Starring : Katerine Moss, Nicole Ferrera, Rachel Rogers, Maia Davis, Kat Dior, Daisy Leon, Maddy O'Reilly, Lilly Banks

Katerine Moss and Nicole Ferrera - They Like the Taste

Description: Katerine Moss and Nicole Ferrera don't care what anyone says... they want each other and nobody's going to stop them! Watch these two brunettes get closer than ever before, in today's 31 minute lesbian scene. There's some hesitation at first, but an aroused body doesn't care about anything, except getting more of whatever feels good... and in the case of these two, that means tasting everything on each others' bodies!

Starring: Katerine Moss, Nicole Ferrera

Maia Davis and Rachel Rogers - Finally Alone

Description: Maia Davis and Rachel Rogers have always been each others' favorites. But now that they're each living in their own apartments, that favoritism is getting a little out of hand! See what happens after a day on the town, in today's 27 minute lesbian scene. Seems like nobody ever caught these two and broke them up, because there's no hesitation as kissing on the mouth, leads to breast kissing, and on down...

Starring: Rachel Rogers, Maia Davis

Daisy Leon and Kat Dior - Getting Caught

Description: Daisy Leon and Kat Dior reenact the day they hooked up, in this 36 minute lesbian scene. What exactly do you do, when you catch someone masturbating on the living room sofa? If you're anything like this pair, you let slip that you want to see more... or maybe even get involved! No amount of fun is too taboo for these brunettes, so enjoy watching sparks fly and pussies sing!

Starring: Kat Dior, Daisy Leon

Lilly Banks and Maddy Oreilly - Deep, Deep Kissing

Description: Lilly Banks and Maddy Oreilly are done with shopping and errands - now it's time for visiting, in today's 29 minute scene. These two always have so much fun together. Everyone says they can't hook up, but what's just one little kiss? Nobody will know... oh, and did we mention that ''one little kiss'' really means sucking pussy until your mouth is full of girl jizz? Why stop there, once you've gone this far...

Starring: Maddy O'Reilly, Lilly Banks