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Red Hot Lesbians
Back cover - Red Hot Lesbians

Red Hot Lesbians Vol.1

Description : Feel the heat! Red hair girls merge at the lips and the hips to make red hot love. Provocative tales unfold as our beautiful “gingers” meet and melt into each other’s fingering grasp.

Starring : Marie McCray, Lily Cade, Elle Alexandra, Scarlette Fay, Ashley Graham, Veronica Ricci, Pepper Kester, Jodi Taylor

Elle, Lily and Marie - Redheads Always Have a Secret

Description: Elle Alexandra, Lily Cade and Marie McCray have started walking around life with these huge, conspiratorial smirks constantly flashing across their faces... what could the secret be? We'll tell you. No, in fact, we'll show you: the secret is that these three Red Hot Lesbians are having more sex than half the city combined! Prepare to witness just a few slippery slivers of the lesbian redhead threesome that never ends...

Starring: Marie McCray, Lily Cade, Elle Alexandra

Ashley Graham and Scarlette Fay - Horny Birthday

Description: Ashley Graham and Scarlette Fay have a happy birthday in their birthday suits, for this 44 minute lesbian scene. It's a redhead's birthday... what do you get her? Sex, of course! She's hot herself, and her gift of sex comes from a body anyone would want to sink their fingers into. So this birthday has 69ing, mutual masturbation, kissing and nonstop touching... she came with everything but the bow on top!

Starring: Scarlette Fay, Ashley Graham

Lily Cade and Veronica Ricci - Horny Redheads are Intense

Description: Lily Cade and Veronica Ricci with a day to themselves... those of you who crave lesbians, know names, and love redheads, have already clicked to watch this 32 minute scene. Veronica is swimming in the nude, and Lily... is Lily. Looks like Veronica wants to play, be sexy and see what happens! Anyone who knows Lily, knows what's about to happen... but trust us, you have no way of imagining just how intense it will be!

Starring: Lily Cade, Veronica Ricci

Jodi Taylor and Pepper Kester - The Redhead Libido

Description: Jodi Taylor and Pepper Kester spend 43 mind bending minutes reminding us of one thing: redheads can make sex feel better than anyone else on earth! Not only that, but they tend to enjoy it pretty fucking deeply themselves. These two get deliciously distracted and decide to have a hedonistic slip and slide so hot, they have to cool down between orgasms or they'll pass out! Anyone who knows, knows: this is how redheads do it.

Starring: Pepper Kester, Jodi Taylor