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The Real L Word XXX San Francisco
Back cover - The Real L Word XXX San Francisco

The Real L Word XXX San Francisco Vol.1

Description : Sparks fly high in the second installment of this drama and passion filled erotic lesbian mockumentary as Madison Young follows three San Franciscan lesbian couples and one experimental threesome of queer femme deviants through first dates, new found love, lovers spats and orgasmic juicy make up sex. Sexual appetites are satiated with fierce fucking by delicious dykes in sunlit bay windows, cable car fondling, ravenous kinky kitchen sex, and sopping wet bath times that even give rubber ducky the shivers. A taste of real lesbian life in San Francisco.

Starring : Bella Rossi, Kylie Liddell, Arabelle Raphaelle, Sandy Bottoms, Siouxsie Q, Nerine, Dixon Mason, Shakira, Juliette March

Late, Long Night of Lesbian Sex

Description: Two lesbian lovers bring us home for this 43 minute video to show us their solution to every couple's problem: how to keep sex hot! For two women, the first thing you need is to make sure those pussies get some penetration... not just a finger, but a nice big hip to hip pounding by something big, hard and deep! With strap ons, wands, and all the ''before and after'' play these two do, we're pretty sure sex could never get old!

Starring: Bella Rossi, Kylie Liddell

Two Brunette Lesbians Hooking Up

Description: Two brunette lesbians are about to hook up after a lot of internet dating and a little bit of sexy texting... and we're invited by both parties to bring it to you, so you can watch it all happen! They don't even make it to the apartment before clothes start coming off... this is the kind of footage that reminds you, you can't fake passionate hookups ! They were going to get to the bed, but the first round of orgasms happened in the tub...

Starring: Arabelle Raphaelle, Sandy Bottoms

Naked Kitchen Duty, With Orgasms

Description: Buck naked and constantly frisky... that's what home life is like, for these two ladies in The Real L Word XXX San Francisco edition! We follow two adoring brunettes home for blindfolds, cupcakes, naked housework, and the real fun... sudden insertion of toys and a grinding, tongue happy switch to play time! Watch kitchen work turn into orgasms and a constant back and forth of pleasure, in their happy home...

Starring: Siouxsie Q, Nerine

Juliette March, Dixon Mason, and Shakira in a Lesbian Threesome

Description: Juliette March, Dixon Mason, and Shakira give us 36 minutes of footage you'll rewatch again and again, in this entry for The Real L Word XXX San Francisco. Three gorgeous, supple, soft young women get right to the fun, for one of the hottest and most natural lesbian threesomes we've ever filmed. A girl can have a lot of fun, getting her pussy stimulated by two of her favorite lovers...

Starring: Dixon Mason, Shakira, Juliette March