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The Make Out Room
Back cover - The Make Out Room

The Make Out Room Vol.1

Description : How ’bout I give you a kiss? Pucker up sister! I just want you to be feeling good, because you feel good to me! Now that we are alone, let’s fuck!

Starring : Adrianna Luna, Abby Cross, Kiera Winters, Avril Hall, Sophia Jade, Tiffany Fox, Lyla Storm, Tiffany Tyler

Avril Hall and Kiera Winters in The Make Out Room

Description: Avril Hall and Kiera Winters just found out they're going to share a room... and that's good news for their sex lives! Get ready for 26 minutes of powerfully seductive lesbian lust, in today's release from The Make Out Room. When the place and time are right, anything can happen. This room seems to make horny lesbians leap right into first base with each other, and then slip along as far as they like...

Starring: Kiera Winters, Avril Hall

Abby Cross and Adrianna Luna in The Make Out Room

Description: Abby Cross and Adrianna Luna can't say no to each other under any circumstances... their sex life can be summed up basically by saying, ''what else is there to life, besides sex?'' But when they enter The Make Out Room for today's 29 minute scene, these horny lesbians are suddenly so aroused, that even they can't handle it. There's only one thing for it... screw until they can see straight again!

Starring: Adrianna Luna, Abby Cross

Sophia Jade and Tiffany Fox

Description: Sophia Jade has dirty thoughts about Tiffany Fox running through her mind, when this 23 minute lesbian scene begins. Tiffany is laying back being her sexy self, when Sophia leans in and launches into kisses. It only takes a moment to get Tiffany's motor from purring to revving, and the pussy sucking goes into full swing! Back and forth until both ladies cum in each others' mouths, over and over...

Starring: Sophia Jade, Tiffany Fox

Lyla Storm and Tiffany Taylor

Description: Lyla Storm and Tiffany Tylor can't help but comment to each other, how lovely they each look tonight, at the beginning of today's 27 minute lesbian scene. What these two brunettes don't know is that they've double-booked for a night of sexy savings in The Make Out Room! If they hadn't been planning a steamy evening of mutual masturbation and pussy eating when they got here... well, plans can change!

Starring: Lyla Storm, Tiffany Tyler