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Lily Cade's Sugar Mamas
Back cover - Lily Cade's Sugar Mamas

Lily Cade's Sugar Mamas Vol.1

Description : All is fair in sex and poker! Dominant women in positions of wealth and power receive exceptional service from their beautiful young targets of affection. Poker night gets interesting as the lesbians get feisty! Even if she isnít a whore yet, every woman has her price Ė and it isnít always money!

Starring : Cherie DeVille, Aaliyah Love, Lily Cade, Daisy Lane, Jodi Taylor, Sovereign Syre, Michelle Lay, Pepper Kester

Lily Cade Beds Sovereign Syre

Description: Give Lily Cade a night on the town and some alcohol on a date with someone as sexy and playful as Sovereign Syre, and she'll be after that pussy worse than any guy. Sovereign enjoys the bold attention, so for today's 44 minute entry from Lily Cade's Sugar Mamas, Lily is taken home for a hot night in. Black lingerie, the most insatiable redheaded lesbian in the scene, and her newest lover... get ready to burn up!

Starring: Lily Cade, Sovereign Syre

Aaliyah Love and Cherie DeVille - All Day In Bed

Description: Aaliyah Love and Cherie DeVille only have one plan for passing the time together today... and it'll be the best time they ever killed! These two blondes want to spend the day with the taste of each others' pussies on their mouths, and they're plenty wet enough to keep those juices flowing! They munch on big tits and shake with giggles until they've both shivered with orgasms and the whole day's gone by...

Starring: Cherie DeVille, Aaliyah Love

Michelle Lay and Pepper Kester - Wet Spots On the Desk

Description: Michelle Lay and Pepper Kester have closed and locked the door for the most confidential part of their meeting, in today's 33 minute lesbian scene. Lily Cade isn't the only redhead getting everything she wants, in Lily Cade's Sugar Mamas... Pepper has a way of melting the panties off anyone she sets her sights on, and Michelle is just the kind of brainy, sexy brunette she wants to have spontaneous sex with!

Starring: Michelle Lay, Pepper Kester

Lily Cade Loves Her Sugar Mamas

Description: Daisy Lane and Jodi Taylor have been taking very good care of Lily Cade, but who's been taking care of Lily's sugar mamas? It's time a lesbian lovemaking threesome where everyone gets equal focus, in today's 51 minute scene. After the camera catches up with all the sex that's flying around this social circle, we join Lily, Jodi and Daisy making out. Things turn erotic fast, in this very giving threesome...

Starring: Lily Cade, Daisy Lane, Jodi Taylor