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Lesbian Cougars on the Prowl
Back cover - Lesbian Cougars on the Prowl

Lesbian Cougars on the Prowl Vol.1

Description : Iíve always wanted to have fun with you, youíre so young and pretty! Do you do this with all your clients? Only the special ones, without inhibitions. HmmmMmmm, Rrraaaawwrr!

Starring : Brittany Foster, Sara Luv, Cece Stone, Britney Young, Mari Possa, Sage Evans, Zoey Holloway, Sadie Holmes

Brittany Foster and Sara Luv - That Old Photo Trick

Description: Brittany Foster and Sara Luv use that reliable old excuse of staging a sexy photo shoot at home between girlfriends, to open up the floodgates for hot lesbian sex, in this 33 minute scene. The blonde has her camera out, and the brunette is getting more and more naughty expressions on her face as the clothes come off. As soon as her photographer touches her once, the facade drops and it's time for sex!

Starring: Brittany Foster, Sara Luv

Sadie Holmes and Zoey Holloway

Description: Sadie Holmes and Zoey Holloway both look pretty as a picture, at the beginning of this 31 minute scene. The younger one is getting awfully casual around the house, though... dd her MILF roommate seriously just catch her masturbating openly on the living room couch? There's a confrontation coming... this behavior is just too fucking hot! Zoey takes the hint and treats her to some fun right where she sits!

Starring: Zoey Holloway, Sadie Holmes

Mari Possa and Sage Evans Try Each Other On

Description: Mari Possa and Sage Evans are young lesbian cougars in training, for this 31 minute scene. The two brunettes have it all... lives, homes, clothes, their health... and hot friends with nothing better to do but experiment and play! Watch how easy it can be to convince a friend to fuck... once they've allowed you to put your hands all over them, like the ladies in this video, they've pretty much already said yes!

Starring: Mari Possa, Sage Evans

Cece Stone Seduces Britney Young

Description: Britney Young lets Cece Stone come take a swing at some sex, in this 27 minute lesbian scene. The brunette cougar is on the hunt, and Britney wasn't expecting to like it so much! Cece curls up in bed and immediately goes for Britney's big tits... so much for putting up a fight, thinks Britney, this feels really good! Next thing she knows, she's got a face full of MILF pussy...

Starring: Cece Stone, Britney Young