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Back cover - MILFshakes

MILFshakes Vol.1

Description : Kiss me and call me Mommy. I have a thing for younger girls – I like to teach certain things they don’t know anything about! All you have to do is obey. Milk shakes made with a mother’s love! Smooth, creamy, all natural organic breast milk makes a deliciously orgasmic MILFshake!

Starring : Penny Barber, Alani Pi, Beretta James, Coral Aorta, Eve Minax, Dixon Mason, Maggie Mayhem, Sadie Lune

Alani Pi and Penny Barber - Training the New Girl

Description: Alani Pi and Penny Barber Hit it off well, in this 28 minute lesbian scene. The new girl is learning fast, paying attention, and best of all, being too damn cute to ignore for one second! Not to mention, it's a safe bet she's a lesbian. Soon, it's time to shut down the store, and the first thing the trainee needs to know about that is… once the door is locked, cleaning up can wait! Ever had sex on the clock before?

Starring: Penny Barber, Alani Pi

Beretta James and Coral Aorta - Deal with the Distraction

Description: Beretta James and Coral Aorta have had one of those workplace ''getting to know you'' days where you can tell there's going to be sex between you and the new girl. Things get so bad, you could cut the sexual tension with a pie spatula, so this sexy Latina lesbian just puts work on pause, drags her playful newbie off to the bathroom, and gets a nice deep taste of her moist pussy. Looks like they have plenty of time to be naughty before next rush...

Starring: Beretta James, Coral Aorta

Dixon Mason and Eve Minax - In Public No Less

Description: Dixon Mason and Eve Minax are wrapping up their day at the sweets shop, in this 36 minute scene. The two brunette lesbians have always enjoyed working together, and now it's time for one of them to finally be sure the other knows, it's not just because of work ethic. Right after these two MILFs start to get physical at the downtown shop, sex toys suddenly appear, to dial-up the stakes!

Starring: Eve Minax, Dixon Mason

Maggie Mayhem and Sadie Lune Get It On

Description: Maggie Mayhem and Sadie Lune use giant toys and frantic humping, to get each other off as hard as they can, in this 41 minute scene from MILFshakes. This is lesbian sex as natural as it gets… starting with flirting and big tits with no bra, quickly moving on to wet, hairy pussies astonished with pleasure. Throw in a little kiss on the feet and action with double toys, and it will be a night to remember!

Starring: Maggie Mayhem, Sadie Lune