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Lesbian Stepsisters Vol.4
Back cover - Lesbian Stepsisters Vol.4

Lesbian Stepsisters Vol.4

Description : Society may frown upon stepsisters who fuck each other, but for these teen hotties it just feels so right to do what’s wrong! These beautiful young starlets have their eyes on their equally hot stepsisters.

Starring : Alaina Fox, Aurielle Summer, AJ Applegate, Melody Jordan, Madison, Charley Monroe, Raven Rockette, Riley Maddison, Lexi Grey

Alaina Fox and Aurielle Summer - Screw Taboo

Description: Alaina Fox and Aurielle Summer decide that their parents' wedding isn't going to change a thing, in this 29 minute lesbian scene. These gorgeous young ladies are suddenly closer than they expected, but there's no getting past the sheer animal magnetism between them... and they've started traipsing around in front of each other in panties and tiny dresses, to boot. It was bound to happen... and we caught it all on camera!

Starring: Alaina Fox, Aurielle Summer

AJ Applegate and Melody Jordan At Home Alone

Description: AJ Applegate and Melody Jordan have been left alone with only each other as supervision... big mistake! Just because people get married, doesn't mean that the rest of the family will decide to keep their paws off each other, as you'll see in this 31 minute scene between two stepsisters. Two bikinis on sexy bodies, a camera, and a weekend all to themselves... well, the family did hope these two would bond!

Starring: AJ Applegate, Melody Jordan

Charley Monroe and Madison - Touch Me

Description: Charley Monroe and Madison touched each other so lightly they were practically tickling each other, in the first several minutes of this 27 minute scene. This is what it looks like, people: that irresistible moment when the energy is high ...and then it's ''holy shit, her tongue!'' Charley and Madison prove that you never know what might happen... and as for these two lesbians, let them show you what it feels like!

Starring: Madison, Charley Monroe

Lexi Grey, Raven Rockette and Riley Maddison - Lesbian Threesome

Description: Lexi Grey, Raven Rockette and Riley Maddison were hardly able to wait for cameras to roll, before starting this 30 minute lesbian threesome. They've got their bikinis and sexy tank tops... they've got their gigantic sex toys... and they've each got two horny play mates dying to curl their tongues and fingers up inside each other! You're going to wonder if they'll ever come up for air, by the time this is over...

Starring: Raven Rockette, Riley Maddison, Lexi Grey