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Back cover - Infidelity

Infidelity Vol.1

Description : They wanted a normal life in suburbia! Gina and Annie are a long term lesbian couple with a 2008 vintage marriage, a cute house, good jobsÖ and a sex life that is a thing of the past. Annie starts having an affair with her 19 year old assistant while acting even more distant at home. When Gina finds a red thong in Annieís clothes, she is both conflicted and intrigued. Things come to a head when Annie comes home to apologize but finds Gina dressed in her wedding lingerie demanding that she call her lover to come over. Annie thinks itís drama Gina wants, but itís not, itís a threesome.

Starring : Amber Rayne, Daisy Lane, Dani Daniels, Ela Darling, Pepper Kester, Lily Cade, Tilly McReese

Tilly McReese Learns About the Lily Cade Effect

Description: Tilly McReese finds out that 'Lily Cade Happens' in this 31 minute scene from Infidelity. Like the box says, these ladies just want a normal life in suburbia... but sometimes new lovers come into your life like a storm. She's approaching, and you will get wet - Lily Cade's seductions are like a force of nature, and you're about to watch Tilly McReese learn all about that with her feet on the kitchen floor!

Starring: Lily Cade, Tilly McReese

Daisy Lane and Pepper Kester - Office Fires

Description: Daisy Lane and Pepper Kester explode with pent up sexual energy, in this 44 minute scene from Infidelity. Office lust can make it impossible to think about work... and just as impossible to remember your devoted spouse at home. Sometimes the only thing to do is get it all out of your system... so Pepper crawls on top of Daisy, and the two lavish each other with kisses from head to toe!

Starring: Pepper Kester, Daisy Lane

Amber Rayne, Dani Daniels and Ela Darling

Description: Amber Rayne, Dani Daniels and Ela Darling star in this two-in-one scene from Infidelity. While two brunettes creep by their friend's bedroom, they hear her masturbating while she sniffs someone's panties. After a good giggle, the girls realize they're kind of wet themselves... and launch into a seductive, daring romp right on the kitchen counter! Someone's getting something to eat, alright... and someone is cumming, buck naked in the middle of the house!

Starring: Amber Rayne, Dani Daniels, Ela Darling

Daisy Lane, Ela Darling and Pepper Kester - Lesbian Threesome

Description: Daisy Lane, Ela Darling and Pepper Kester have a threesome that reaches that blissful point where it feels like it might last forever - get ready to spend 45 minutes spying on the cotton sheets of Infidelity! It's all mouths today... teaming up to tease gasps and squirms out of each of the ladies in turn. Even the straight girls might agree, this threesome makes for some hypnotic masturbation material...

Starring: Ela Darling, Pepper Kester, Daisy Lane