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Sweaty Lesbian Workout
Back cover - Sweaty Lesbian Workout

Sweaty Lesbian Workout Vol.1

Description : Outdoors in the sun, the heat is on! Stretch, exercising, admiring, kissing, face sitting and pussy eating – all good reasons these beautiful bodies break a sweat!

Starring : Ash Hollywood, Lilly Evans, Lola Foxx, Mischa Brooks, Gia Steel, Olivia Wilder, Lex Chevelle, Mali Luna

Sweaty Lesbians Doing More Than Working Out

Description: Working out is hard, sweaty work… but it's a lot more fun if we get together with a whole group of sexy lesbians, and do our exercises in skimpy gear! Follow us outdoors, and behind closed doors, for this 17 minute excerpt from Sweaty Lesbian Workout. There's no end to the sweet, sweaty meat at this exercise retreat, and the libidos are running high from so many girls getting hot… in every sense of the word!

Starring: Ash Hollywood, Lilly Evans, Lola Foxx, Mischa Brooks, Gia Steel, Olivia Wilder, Lex Chevelle, Mali Luna

Ash Hollywood and Mischa Brooks, Wet with Sweat

Description: If Ash Hollywood and Mischa Brooks really meant to spend their morning exercising with weights out in the yard, they made one serious mistake. Watch as these ladies' outfits unravel all their plans… well, not all …in today's 29 minute scene from Sweaty Lesbian Workout. There was just no chance that anything was going to happen, after all that bending over in skintight ass shorts, but these two licking all that sweat off!

Starring: Ash Hollywood, Mischa Brooks

Lex Chevelle and Mali Luna After the Workout

Description: Lex Chevelle and Mali Luna look deviously divine at the end of their Sweaty Lesbian Workout, with their nipples showing through soaked white tank tops, and all. Soon, the ladies hit the shower together, but the heat only intensifies, when they start making out of the water. They finger bang each other until the water goes cold, then head to the bed, to lick every inch of each others' clean skin.

Starring: Lex Chevelle, Mali Luna

Lilly Evans and Olivia Wilder - Too Damn Hot

Description: Lilly Evans and Olivia Wilder show us their erotic workout routine, in this 34 minute lesbian video. These two are so sexy, their sweat is like a candy glaze. Both brunettes are dizzy from the smell and touch of the other. The temptation can only go ignored for so long, so prepare to see two flawless and fit bodies, lip locked for some of the most sensual and nubile lesbian sex ever filmed!

Starring: Lilly Evans, Olivia Wilder

Gia Steel and Lola Foxx On the Lawn

Description: Gia Steel and Lola Foxx good performance that no one will ever forget, in this 42 minute lesbian scene. We're proud of every frame of Sweaty Lesbian Workout, and we aren't picking favorites, but when you sit down for this scene, you should find something to hold onto. Two juicy, nubile brunettes finish working out in the shade. But it's not time to rest. They're moving on to more leg, pelvis, and lower back exercise… as they spend the runtime eating each other out and grinding pussy to pussy!

Starring: Lola Foxx, Gia Steel

The Ladies were Dripping Wet during Sweaty Lesbian Workout

Description: If you seen our web-released scenes so far from Sweaty Lesbian Workout, and have been thinking they're hot beyond the bounds of all logic or reason, this clip of behind the scenes footage might help explain why. Check out how Olivia Wilder, Lilly Evans, Gia Steel, and Lola Foxx were acting between takes. Clearly they didn't know how to separate business from pleasure during the shooting of this smoldering lesbian title!

Starring: Lilly Evans, Lola Foxx, Gia Steel, Olivia Wilder