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Tara Loves Shyla
Back cover - Tara Loves Shyla

Tara Loves Shyla Vol.1

Description : Shyla and Tara are celebrating their two year anniversary… but some truth is coming up, and the ladies are discovering they BOTH are cheating on each other! Is this the end of their loving lesbian relationship? Can couples therapy keep them together? Annabelle arrives in their time of need with a new approach to marriage counseling – dancing girls, a live sex show, and hot lesbian group sex

Starring : Georgia Jones, Shyla Jennings, Tara Lynn Foxx, Kiara Diane, Annabelle Lee, Anna Foxxx, Cindy Starfall

Shyla Jennings and Georgia Jones

Description: Shyla Jennings hopes her lover won't find out about her and Georgia Jones satisfying their desires for each other, in this 38 minute scene. A visit at the office turns into extra work for the cleaning crew, because there's going to be a wet spot on that wood desk, after these two get done sinking their tongues into each other. Shyla doesn't look like she's too worried about getting caught, yet…

Starring: Georgia Jones, Shyla Jennings

Kiara Diane and Tara Lynn Foxx

Description: Kiara Diane and Tara Lynn Foxx let their lustful desires get the better of them, in this 32 minute scene. Tara is spoken for, but sometimes you just want what you want, and you just can't help yourself when that perfect opportunity arises. Sex in forbidden places, like a parking lot in broad daylight or the electrical closet at your work, plus the chance to eat Kiara's pussy, is just too much to resist…

Starring: Tara Lynn Foxx, Kiara Diane

Tara Loves Shyla, and Annabelle, and Anna, and Cindy

Description: Tara Lynn Foxx and Shyla Jennings were close to breaking up when they found out neither one of them was keeping their pants on. But what kind of sense does that make, with two sexy and beautiful women you can obviously never get enough sex? They decide on something much better, as you will see in this 53 minute lesbian video: it's time to open things up in the relationship, starting with this all girl gang bang!

Starring: Annabelle Lee, Tara Lynn Foxx, Shyla Jennings, Anna Foxxx, Cindy Starfall