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Tanya Tate's Runaways
Back cover - Tanya Tate's Runaways

Tanya Tate's Runaways Vol.1

Description : Where have all the runaways gone? Over to Tanya’s house for sanctuary and motherly support! Taking care of the girls is always a treat for Tanya and friends.

Starring : Sasha Heart, Monica Rise, Tanya Tate, Nina James, Heather Starlet, Brooklyn Lee, Cindy Starfall

Monica Rise and Sabrina Star In the Kitchen

Description: Monica Rise and Sabrina Star heat up their ovens in this 30 minute lesbian tryst. Get ready for a look at Tanya Tate's Runaways, where young ladies who need a place to crash and lots of titillating stimulation, find shelter and a whole lot more. This delicious brunette finds herself making friends, and making a wet spot on the kitchen island as she's bent over, poked in her pussy, and licked to orgasm!

Starring: Sasha Heart, Monica Rise

Tanya Tate Picks Up Nina James

Description: Tanya Tate finds beautiful brunette Nina James huddle up and crying on a dirt road, at the beginning of this 33 minute scene from Tanya Tate's Runaways. If there's one thing Tanya's good for at any time of the day, it's soothing troubled, hot women with nowhere to go but down. After a bath, a brush, and a cuddle, Tanya's warm bed and lips seduce big breasted Nina... soon the two are drinking from each others' pussies!

Starring: Tanya Tate, Nina James

Heather Starlet and Brooklyn Lee Need Love

Description: Two of Tanya Tate's beautiful and troubled runaways are having emotional crises in her living room at the same time. It's time for an intense afternoon of shedding and water works with Brooklyn Lee and Heather Starlet, in this 26 minute threesome. Tanya Tate's Runaways always reminds us how deep the orgasms can run when sex and emotional vulnerability mix. Tanya, Brooklyn and Heather won't soon forget this lesbian three-way on the couch!

Starring: Heather Starlet, Tanya Tate, Brooklyn Lee

Cindy Starfal and Heather Starlet

Description: Cindy Starfal and Heather Starlet touch each others' knees and see the spark in each others' eyes, and that's that. It's a good thing they were already in bed together, because it looks like they'd have started licking each others' nipples and disrobing for each other no matter where they were! After lots of grinding and oral fixation, Cindy and Heather finish each other up with kissing and mutual masturbation.

Starring: Heather Starlet, Cindy Starfall

Nina James and Tanya Tate Cuddle and Chat

Description: Nina James has been decompressing at Tanya Tate's horny home for sexy lesbian runaways a little while, when this five minute scene picks up. Tanya pops in Nina's room to see how she's doing… and our charitable MILF quickly find out Nina is feeling horny and highly sociable! Cut to the ladies looking antsy, kneeling naked in bed together, cuddling and chatting in this five minute interview from Tanya Tate's Runaways.

Starring: Tanya Tate, Nina James