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Lesbian Stepsisters Vol.3
Back cover - Lesbian Stepsisters Vol.3

Lesbian Stepsisters Vol.3

Description : Stepsisters who fuck each other – OMG, that is like soooooo hot!

Starring : Lexi Kartel, Madisin Blaze, Rose Monroe, Sophia Cruz, Alison Tyler, Alaina Fox, Janessa Jordan, Jonni Hennessy

Lexi Kartel and Madisin Blaze Explore Erotica

Description: Lexi Kartel shows Madisin Blaze what suspense and erotica are all about, in this colorful seven minute lesbian scene. Lexi mesmerizes Madisin with hypnotic faux-foreplay from across a pink plexiglass wall. Staring at each other, topless in panties, reaching for each others' hands but not touching, gets Madisin far wetter than she expected. Lexi holds her hand after this, all the way to the bedroom, to dial things up even hotter…

Starring: Lexi Kartel, Madisin Blaze

Rose Monroe and Sophia Cruise

Description: Rose Monroe and Sophia Cruise give us 10 minutes of taboo titillation, in this starkly defiant lesbian short. These two ladies take their time working up each other's nerves, until their bodies are singing and they can't hold back. But even when their hands go south, it remains an erotic touch and tease affair! If you're looking for something to get you twitching until you've got to have more, this is the video of the day!

Starring: Rose Monroe, Sophia Cruz

Alaina Fox and Alison Tyler

Description: Alison Tyler has Alaina Fox cringing with erotic pleasure before they even go home together, in this 34 minute lesbian scene. Right from the beginning of this footage, you'll see a sensitive and playful blonde, practically cumming just from making out. The ladies quickly move on from each others' big tits, and focus their tongues and skills licking each others' clits and making each other shiver with waves of orgasm!

Starring: Alison Tyler, Alaina Fox

Janessa and Jonni Hennessy Jizz Each Others' Mouths

Description: Janessa and Jonni Hennessy sneak off to grab a moment to make out every chance they get, but with this lesbian scene, they have all the time they need. But then, with this much pent-up lust, it only takes about half an hour to make each other cum so many times, they can't move! It helps that both of these women eat pussy like they are licking the cream out of doughnut!

Starring: Janessa Jordan, Jonni Hennessy

Lexi Kartel and Madisin Blaze

Description: Lexi Kartel and Madisin Blaze have been hanging out, and both of them are getting antsy. In today's 26 minute lesbian scene, these two lovely ladies start feeling the most intense sexual tension of their lives… and they decide to do something about it! There's no hesitation once the move is made,and pretty soon they are eating each other out, all over the house! Enjoy an erotic flashpoint that ends with shivering on the couch.

Starring: Lexi Kartel, Madisin Blaze

Rose Monroe and Sophia Cruz

Description: Rose Monroe and Sophia Cruz are just relaxing around the house for a girls' day in, when this 34 minute lesbian scene gets started. The two brunettes catch up, but a friendly kiss turns into much more when their passions flare like wildfires. Before they realize what they're doing, their lips and fingertips start to roam all over each others' bodies. Soon, both their faces are soaked in pussy juice!

Starring: Rose Monroe, Sophia Cruz