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Annabelle Lee's Lesbian Lawyers
Back cover - Annabelle Lee's Lesbian Lawyers

Annabelle Lee's Lesbian Lawyers Vol.1

Description : Legal representation never looked this good! Your case is in good hands with our team of beautiful women attorneys and ambitious legal secretaries. Client referrals are welcome, but lesbians only please!

Starring : Nina Hartley, Pepper Kester, Angela Attison, Christie Lynn, Sinn Sage, Taliah Mac, Annabelle Lee, Zoey Holloway, Jay Taylor

Pepper Kester and Nina Hartley from ''Lesbian Lawyers''

Description: Pepper Kester is less ''legal eagle'' and more ''eager beaver'' when she meets with Nina Hartley, in this 30 minute lesbian scene. Watch the grin riding up to Pepper's eyes, as she flirts across the desk. This scene from Annabelle Lee's Lesbian Lawyers gets as naughty as you want, as fast as you want - but if there's one thing young redheads are always good for, it's springing sex on you at the worst, best moments!

Starring: Nina Hartley, Pepper Kester

Angela Attison and Christie Lynn - Way Past Innuendo

Description: Angela Attison interviews Christie Lynn, in the lead-up to 24 sizzling minutes of lesbian sex. Angela really wants to get inside Christie, her subject... so badly that the notebook can wait. She's going to need both hands for this! The blonde MILF drills down to this brunette's naughty core and the ladies spend most of the run time wagging their tongues in an intense and personal give and take!

Starring: Angela Attison, Christie Lynn

Taliah Mac Makes a Move on Sinn Sage

Description: Sinn Sage and Taliah Mac wouldn't keep off each other for ten minutes, while we shot this DVD. Check out 30 minutes of footage, as these hungry brunette lesbians get each other off - in a scene where some moments are performed more ''as-planned'' than others! Taliah knows how bold and dominant Sinn can be, so she one-ups Sinn by rounding the desk. Taliah makes the first move, then leads Sinn off to the ladies' room...

Starring: Sinn Sage, Taliah Mac

Jay Taylor, Annabelle Lee, and Zoey Holloway

Description: The work day is over, and Annabelle Lee's office has a little private meeting going on. Someone didn't get the memo... but she's about to get involved! Jay Taylor and Zoey Holloway join Annabelle in this 29 minute scene from her Lesbian Lawyers DVD. There's very little dialogue or setup for this video... leaving plenty of time for each woman to have her body stimulated beyond the point of orgasm!

Starring: Annabelle Lee, Zoey Holloway, Jay Taylor

Sinn, Nina, Annabelle and More - Behind Closed Doors

Description: Nina Hartley, Sinn Sage, and several other lovely lesbians remind us that every woman you see on the street, is a woman who loves to be touched and thrilled. Angela Attison, Pepper Kester, Zoey Holloway, Annabelle Lee, Jay Taylor, and Taliah Mac throw in as well, showing us what women love to become when they're behind closed doors - sensation starved, orgasm addicted, playful, and more than a little promiscuous!

Starring: Nina Hartley, Sinn Sage, Annabelle Lee, Zoey Holloway, Angela Attison, Pepper Kester, Taliah Mac, Jay Taylor

Annabelle Lee's Lesbian Lawyers, Working for a change!

Description: Annabelle Lee's Lesbian Lawyers aren't always buck naked and climbing all over each other... sometimes they actually get a little work done! This 2 minute quickie features Zoey Holloway, Nina Hartley, Jay Taylor, Pepper Kester, Taliah Mac and Annabelle herself, working and playing. Things aren't nearly as serious as they should be for a law firm... but with all this giggling, flirting, and joking around, it's just right for lesbian porn!

Starring: Nina Hartley, Annabelle Lee, Zoey Holloway, Pepper Kester, Taliah Mac, Jay Taylor