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Seduced by Mommy Vol.4
Back cover - Seduced by Mommy Vol.4

Seduced by Mommy Vol.4

Description : What Mommy wants, Mommy gets! And these blossoming daughters are taking lessons from the best example what could be more natural?!

Starring : Nina Hartley, Ally Evans, Magdalene St. Michaels, Randee Reed, Angela Attison, Abbie Anderson, Tiffany Mynx, Jaslene Jade

Ally Evans and Nina Hartley Stay In Bed

Description: Ally Evans and Nina Hartley are already crawling all over each other, when this 37 minute scene begins. The attention on each others breasts is clearly doing something for each of these beauties. And when Nina lays Ally back for even more, she acts like her eyes might roll back into her head! But Ally can't call it a good day without getting a taste of her MILF lover as well...

Starring: Nina Hartley, Ally Evans

Magdalene St. Michaels Gives Randee Reed Good Morning Head

Description: Magdalene St. Michaels wakes up the lovely Randee Reed, for this 30 minute lesbian seduction. Randee gets to go straight from peaceful dreaming, to writhing all over the bed with orgasms rocking up and down her spine - sounds like a good morning wake up call to us! Squirming with pleasure wakes Randee right up, so she returns the favor by eating out her MILF lover, and they wind up 69ing!

Starring: Magdalene St. Michaels, Randee Reed

Abbie Anderson and Angela Attison

Description: Abbie Anderson and Angela Attison have a tense confrontation that gets defused by lesbian sex, in this 27 minute scene. The blonde in the pink top isn't sure what to think... one minute she's getting yelled at, the next, she's getting her nipples sucked and her pussy rubbed! But with stimulation this direct and aggressive, nobody's asking questions - the ladies just do what feels good, and get each other off!

Starring: Angela Attison, Abbie Anderson

Tiffany Mynx and Jaslene Jade Work It Out

Description: Jaslene Jade and Tiffany Mynx are just about fed up with each other, at the beginning of this 31 minute lesbian scene. But there's nothing going on here that a sudden flash of erotic chemistry won't cure! Having a sexy young brunette take up space on your couch is no problem, so long as she's into lesbian sex... at least, that's what seems to be going through this MILF's mind!

Starring: Tiffany Mynx, Jaslene Jade

Abbie Anderson, Tiffany Mynx and More

Description: Abbie, Angela, Jaslene and Tiffany all share their love of sheer curiosity, in this 14 minute video compilation. One lesbian fantasy that will never go away - the younger sex kitten and the sexy, experienced MILF. Enjoy the hottest and heaviest parts, and some of the sweetest. These ladies have clearly had their eyes on each other for some time... based on how unleashed they get in these steamy scenes!

Starring: Tiffany Mynx, Angela Attison, Abbie Anderson, Jaslene Jade