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Sinn Sage's A-Cup Lesbians
Back cover - Sinn Sage's A-Cup Lesbians

Sinn Sage's A-Cup Lesbians Vol.1

Description : When it�s all natural, you get the real deal. Enjoy amazing Sinn Sage directing and performing with beautiful girls who really love �A Cups�!

Starring : Sinn Sage, Dylan Ryan, Amber Rayne, Charlotte Stokely, Annabelle Lee, Zoe Voss, Dana Vespoli

Sinn Sage and Dylan Ryan - Hot Lesbians Ravage Each Other

Description: Sinn Sage and Dylan Ryan - it's a pair-up that had to happen sooner or later, and one that nobody could ever get tired of watching again and again. Today we release a 41 minute feature starring these two aggressive and emotional lesbians. No setup, no story, just two gorgeous and sexually ravenous ladies getting tousled and touched from head to toe for the better part of an hour - must-see!

Starring: Sinn Sage, Dylan Ryan

Amber Rayne and Charlotte Stokely

Description: Amber Rayne and Charlotte Stokely feed each other all the low-fat pie they can eat, right on the center island, in this erotic 29 minute lesbian scene. These slender ladies are ravenous for each other, so the fun begins almost instantly with seductive, wandering kisses. You'll watch them slide out of their clothes fluently as they suck each others' nipples to tingling erections, on their way to 69ing on the counter top.

Starring: Amber Rayne, Charlotte Stokely

Annabelle Lee and Zoe Voss

Description: Annabelle Lee and Zoe Voss are horny on laundry day... what a great excuse to be naked together! Enjoy this 41 minute view of two lesbian lovers at home, as these two ladies put down the chores and sink into bed. They've both got a thirst for pussy juice and electric orgasms, so sit back, relax, and enjoy � because Annabelle and Zoe sure don't seem to be in a rush to finish!

Starring: Annabelle Lee, Zoe Voss

Sinn Sage and Dana Vespoli - Rough and Kinky

Description: Sinn Sage always blows her lovers' minds, but Dana Vespoli is about to give her a run for her money! Blindfolds, pantyhose, black leather, riding crops, and teeth... things are about to get very interesting over the course of this 40 minute lesbian scene! After lots of teasing, Dana gets revenge by biting Sinn's nipples. But pain is just part of the pleasure with these two, and there's plenty of tongue-fucking to go with the kink!

Starring: Dana Vespoli, Sinn Sage

Amber, Sinn, Dylan and More

Description: Six of the hottest lesbian stars in porn, in three of our best recent videos: Annabelle Lee, Zoe Voss, Sinn Sage, Charlotte Stokeyly, Dylan Ryan, and Amber Rayne star in these four clips, adding up to one intense 11 minute video. Whether you like to see women wilt in the bedroom, or ravage each other outdoors, you'll be glued to the screen as these horny fillies take each other on!

Starring: Amber Rayne, Charlotte Stokely, Sinn Sage, Annabelle Lee, Zoe Voss, Dylan Ryan

Amber Rayne and Charlotte Stokely

Description: Amber Rayne and Charlotte Stokely are so wound up they can't stop giggling, when the cameras join them for this 8 minute lesbian scene. Buck naked, hanging all over each other, and on the verge of orgasms, the ladies invite the camera to watch as they tease each other into tittering giggles. It seems like they already intend on teasing each other more than pleasing, but do you really mind watching that? We don't!

Starring: Amber Rayne, Charlotte Stokely