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Lesbian Stepsisters Vol.2
Back cover - Lesbian Stepsisters Vol.2

Lesbian Stepsisters Vol.2

Description : Featuring horny young ladies fucking their irresistibly hot stepsí. While their unsuspecting parents are away, the girls have some fun getting naughty, naked and fucking each other for the first time.

Starring : Lilly Anderson, Dallas Black, Tiffany Thompson, Casi James, Sasha Heart, Callie Cobra, Tosh Locks, Britney Banxxx, Megan Piper

Laney Rose and Lilly Anderson - Seduced in the Bath

Description: Laney Rose sneaks up to catch Lilly Anderson masturbating in the bath, at the beginning of this 29 minute lesbian scene. Petite, naughty Laney decides she's too turned on to just walk away, so she joins Lilly in the bathroom. Turns out Lilly is happy to let Laney run a game on her while she's naked! Next thing you know, they're off to the bedroom to taste wet pussy and clean skin!

Starring: Lilly Anderson, Dallas Black

Casi James and Tiffany Thompson

Description: Casi James and Tiffany Thompson are trying on each others' underwear, when this 26 minute scene flits into view. For a few innocent minutes, it seems like they might get through this without either being the wiser about how horny the other is getting... but luckily for everyone, these two aren't shy. They get naked and try on a lot more than each others' panties after that - they're trying the taste of each others' pussy juices!

Starring: Tiffany Thompson, Casi James

Tosh Locks, Callie Cobra, Sabrina Star - Lesbian Threesome

Description: Tosh Locks, Sabrina Star, and Callie Cobra are three sexy young lesbians, who star together in the same bed, for this 22 minute threesome scene. We hope you're ready for sensory overload, because the cuteness and sex appeal these three have for each other is off the chain! They make each other whimper and sing with three way oral sex and light touches until they can't lay still anymore, even for each other!

Starring: Sasha Heart, Callie Cobra, Tosh Locks

Megan Piper and Britney Banxxx

Description: Megan Piper comes to cheer Britney Banxxx up, at the beginning of this 35 minute lesbian scene. Britney is still in bed when Megan arrives, so Megan sits down to see if there's anything she can do. It takes only a moment to realize a little sex would do the trick, so she kisses Britney and pins her down by fondling her boobs. Yep - getting her pussy sucked was exactly what Britney needed!

Starring: Britney Banxxx, Megan Piper

Callie, Tosh and Sabrina Comparing Tits

Description: Callie Cobra, Tosh Locks and Sabrina Star are comparing breasts and giggling in front of the camera, for this special 2 minute 22 second lesbian short. The three ladies are a little more giddy than they are horny, but that doesn't matter... because either way, this quick video is all about the tits! It's not enough to compare their tits visually, they check each other for grope factor and sensitivity too!

Starring: Sasha Heart, Callie Cobra, Tosh Locks