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Lily Cade's Live Nerd Girls
Back cover - Lily Cade's Live Nerd Girls

Lily Cade's Live Nerd Girls Vol.1

Description : They love comics, they love Harry Potter, they love Dungons And Dragons, they love World Of War Craft, and yes these nerds love their sexy girlfriends. Play along with us in this all-nerd-girl adventure and boldly go where no lesbian company has gone before!

Starring : Sasha Sweet, Kara Price, Annabelle Lee, Ela Darling, Sinn Sage, Laurel Norton, Lily Cade, Lily Labeau

Kara Price and Sasha Sweet - A Very Friendly Contest

Description: Kara Price and Sasha Sweet show us that video games lead to all sorts of friendly competitions, in this 33 minute scene. The two lesbians compete at video games, then compete at breast sizes... let's just say that so far, the competitions have been pretty one-sided! Fine, they decide, there's one more contest they can settle right now - which of these sexy lesbians can make the other cum the hardest?

Starring: Sasha Sweet, Kara Price

Annabelle Lee and Ela Darling - Lesbian Lover So Good, She Can't Take It!

Description: Annabelle Lee and Ela Darling go way past sensual, in this 31 minute lesbian scene. Have you ever seen a woman get her pussy eaten so well she cries? If not, we can break that cherry, right here: Ela gets Annabell near weeping! Maybe that's because they go back and forth, licking each others' pussies, so many times... by the third time getting head in a single sex session, maybe anybody would cry!

Starring: Annabelle Lee, Ela Darling

Laurel Norton Can't Lie Still Under Sinn Sage's Mouth

Description: Sinn Sage is in the mood to pin Laurel Norton down and get her off. Laurel spends most of the run time feeling overwhelmed and squirming around the bed, in this 36 minute lesbian scene. The ladies are so horny about kissing each others' faces and tits, that it takes a while before they get out of their panties. Once they're off, though, Sinn works up a sweat, chasing Laurel's pussy around with her mouth!

Starring: Sinn Sage, Laurel Norton

Lily Cade and Lily Labeau

Description: Lily Cade and Lily Labeau are back together are gathered around the game table with their friends, but they can't keep their heads in the game. Get ready for complete and total disruption of planned activities, as Lily lays Lily back right on the game mat, and starts eating her out. These two lesbians might have closed-out game night, but they're definitely into playing the roles of naughty lovers with no shame!

Starring: Lily Cade, Lily Labeau

Interviews with Lesbian Pornstars Sinn Sage, Lily Cade, and More

Description: Come along as we corner seven of the starlets lesbian porn fans love, in this chatty 19 minute video. We catch them at their most casual, relaxing at home, for a handful of brief interviews. The run time stacks up to 19 minutes, which means just a couple minutes for each of the ladies... just enough for you to realize how obsessed they are with sex... looks like they'd rather be working today!

Starring: Sinn Sage, Annabelle Lee, Lily Cade, Ela Darling, Sasha Sweet, Kara Price, Laurel Norton