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Taylor Vixen's House Rules
Back cover - Taylor Vixen's House Rules

Taylor Vixen's House Rules Vol.1

Description : Close friends and housemates share so many things – kissing, touching, showering – ya’ know, Girl Stuff!

Starring : Elexis Monroe, Taylor Vixen, Sinn Sage, Allie James, Sophia Jade, Emily Addison

Taylor Vixen and Elexis Monroe in the Kitchen

Description: Taylor Vixen and Elexis Monroe act on the hints they've each been dropping the other, in this 25 minute lesbian scene. Ladies know ladies best... so when this young, busty brunette starts showing off her big tits with a low cut dress, her horny friend gets the message and makes a move. The next thing you know, the kitchen bar becomes a convenient place to eat each others' pussies and play with their big tits!

Starring: Elexis Monroe, Taylor Vixen

Allie James and Sinn Sage Devour Each Other

Description: Allie James and Sinn Sage are ravenous for each others' bodies, in this 29 minute lesbian scene. We're used to seeing Sinn in a sexually aggressive mode, and Allie's not exactly shy herself, but this takes the cake. Rarely will you ever see two sexier ladies so focused on giving each other bed-shaking orgasms, over and over! After clit sucking, nipple squeezing, and anal tongue-fucking, they finally wind down with a long kiss.

Starring: Sinn Sage, Allie James

Sophia Jade and Taylor Vixen

Description: Sophia Jade and Taylor Vixen are all over each other, right from the beginning of this 20 minute lesbian scene. These two sexy lesbians couldn't wait another minute to wrap their lips around each others' nipples, and fuck each other with their tongues - so nobody tried to stop them! These two horny fillies make each other cum at least a couple times before finally settling in to kiss and cuddle into the fade.

Starring: Taylor Vixen, Sophia Jade

Emily Addison and Taylor Vixen - Must-See Brunette Lesbians

Description: Emily Addison and Taylor Vixen couldn't be any more fixated on sucking each others' naughty bits, than they are in this 22 minute scene. These two brunette lesbians see right through each other, and fairly early in the scene, they just snap. First it's a kiss, but then off come the clothes, and the kisses start roaming where they will. This is aggressive, erotic, toe curling stuff - must see!

Starring: Taylor Vixen, Emily Addison