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Butches and Babes
Back cover - Butches and Babes

Butches and Babes Vol.1

Description : Women really get each other off!! Lesbian should be the new straight. Whether you’re that kind of girl or not, you must agree that these butches and babes combine for powerfully explosive lesbian sex.

Starring : Ela Darling, Dylan Ryan, Georgia Jones, Lily Cade, Lola Foxx, Charlie Ninja, Brett Rossi

Ela Darling and Dylan Ryan - Foot Fetish in the Workplace

Description: Dylan Ryan and Ela Darling skip straight past the business and cut to the part where they're fucking on an expensive desk, in this 27 minute lesbian scene. This working class blonde practically leaps across the desk to worship a sexy redhead professional with her tongue, setting her to squirming and moaning. This scene also has lots of foot fetish action, and all the pussy two sexy lesbians can eat!

Starring: Ela Darling, Dylan Ryan

Georgia Jones and Lily Cade with a Strap On

Description: Georgia Jones and Lily Cade disappear to the bedroom where they can let all their desires come to life, in this 39 minute lesbian scene. Lily, always the aggressive redhead, pins Georgia down and undresses her, partly with her teeth. Then she goes down on her sensitive brunette lover to enjoy her cries and her taste. After Georgia returns the favor, Lily bends her over and fucks her with a strap on!

Starring: Georgia Jones, Lily Cade

Charlie Ninja and Lola Foxx

Description: Charlie Ninja and Lola Foxx are neighbors who bump into each other at the right time, in the right moods, for this 42 minute lesbian scene. Charlie isn't surprised when Lola drags her into her apartment with a kiss, but then again, Charlie knows her way around the lesbian mind much too well! Watch her maneuver herself onto her back so that Lola can lick her into a frenzy... by the time it's over, both of these ladies are out-of-their-minds horny!

Starring: Lola Foxx, Charlie Ninja

Brett Rossi and Lily Cade - Pit Stop in Formal Wear

Description: Brett Rossi and Lily Cade are primping at the last minute for a formal event, but there's a problem... the longer they look at each other in these formal clothes, the less worried they are about appearances, or being on time! Brett winds up with her ass on the sink with Lily's lips all over her pussy... and then returning the favor! They'll have to get dressed all over again, but there's no doubt they had a great time!

Starring: Lily Cade, Brett Rossi

Dylan Ryan and Ela Darling in the Shower

Description: Dylan Ryan and Ela Darling are just as turned on by the camera, as they are by each other, in this tantalizing 30 second extra clip. The sight of two blondes in a shower together is its own reward, especially when it's two sexy blonde pornstars who are too horny to keep their hands off each other between scenes! It's always fun seeing this mix of on the set, and casual, with two hot pornstars in the mood!

Starring: Ela Darling, Dylan Ryan