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Lesbian Boob Worship
Back cover - Lesbian Boob Worship

Lesbian Boob Worship Vol.1

Description : Big boobs and bad girls nice!

Starring : Samantha Ryan, Jelena Jensen, Dana Vespoli, Charley Chase, Ella Milano, Layla Rose, Lily Cade, Taylor Vixen

Jelena Jensen is Samantha Ryan's Lesbian Plaything

Description: Samantha Ryan has Jelena Jensen right where she wants her, at the beginning of this 30 minute lesbian scene: bound and gagged in the closet! These two brunettes are living out one strange fantasy, as Samantha treats Jelena like a human sex toy - dragging her off someplace comfortable, unwrapping her restraints, and having her way! Lucky for Jelena, Samantha loves to eat a bald pussy and suck on hard nipples...

Starring: Samantha Ryan, Jelena Jensen

Charley Chase and Dana Vespoli - Brunette Lesbians Devouring Each Other

Description: Charley Chase and Dana Vespoli have decided to spice things up by trying on their sluttiest outfits, before molesting each other in this 22 minute lesbian scene. After groping each other in the mirror, Dana pushes Charley up against the wall to lick her from mouth to ass. They drag each other off to the couch and munch on each others' big tits and pussies nonstop, and they're still squirming when the film runs out!

Starring: Dana Vespoli, Charley Chase

Ella Milano and Layla Rose - Lesbian Lovers' Weekend

Description: Ella Milano and Layla Rose spend a lover's weekend at home. You get to see a few moments of that epic hotness, in this 18 minute lesbian scene. After a teasing masturbation moment, the two hit the shower together, but they get distracted eating pussy instead of getting clean! They lay down on the marble when their legs start turning to gelatin, but they don't stop just because they get each other off...

Starring: Ella Milano, Layla Rose

Lily Cade Comes Home to Taylor Vixen

Description: Lily Cade's new hookup Taylor Vixen is waiting in the kitchen for her lover, at the beginning of this 24 minute lesbian scene. Lily's in the mood for the direct approach, so she just steps right up and starts groping Taylor's crotch. They turn the lights low, take off all their clothes, and start focusing their kisses and strokes on each others' tingling genitals. This ravenous lovemaking scene must be seen!

Starring: Lily Cade, Taylor Vixen

Lily Cade and Taylor Vixen Chat in the Nude

Description: Butch beauty Lily Cade has a soft new girlfriend she'd like her fans to meet: Taylor Vixen. In this 2 minute interview, we catch Lily and Taylor after sex, arm in arm on the couch. There may not be any action, but there's plenty of nudity! There's also an interval moment outdoors with the pair, as Lily checks for trouble under the hood. Samantha Ryan also appears in this sexy and intimate lesbian chat.

Starring: Samantha Ryan, Lily Cade, Taylor Vixen