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Lesbian Ass Worship Vol.2
Back cover - Lesbian Ass Worship Vol.2

Lesbian Ass Worship Vol.2

Description : I fucking love ASS! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!!!

Starring : Karina Kay, Gracie Glam, Dana Vespoli, Annabelle Lee, Cassandra Nix, Sheena Shaw, Lucie Black, Lola Foxx

Gracie Glam and Karina Kay - Seduced in the Bathroom

Description: Gracie Glam and Karina Kay bump into each other in the bathroom, starting off this 23 minute lesbian scene. What follows is a seductive scene of foreplay as one brunette coaxes the other out of her panties and tank top, right on the bathroom sink. Passionate groping and kissing weakens Gracie and Karina's knees, until they sink the floor, still sucking on each other. Soon, they're cumming in each others' mouths until the scene ends!

Starring: Karina Kay, Gracie Glam

Dana Vespoli Seduced and Savaged by Annabelle Lee

Description: Dana Vespoli has a hysterical, but hot, Annabelle Lee on her hands, for this 30 minute lesbian scene. A little sexy affection calms Annabelle down, and soon, the two are soothing each others' genitals while wearing lingerie and underwear. The sex is kinky, the girls are beautiful and young, and the pussies are drooling wet - and that's before the toys come out, to add a little penetration to this kinky hook-up.

Starring: Dana Vespoli, Annabelle Lee

Cassandra Nix and Sheena Shaw - Passionate Spa Date

Description: Follow Cassandra Nix and Sheena Shaw through a thrilling encounter at the spa, in this 25 minute lesbian scene . The introduction is blatant ass worship, and the subjects are worthy. When Cassandra and Sheena meet up in the sauna, the sweat really starts to drip. There's no hesitation - the towels hit the floor, lips lock, and sparks fly. The fires are so hot, that later, they do each other again at home - and it's no quickie!

Starring: Cassandra Nix, Sheena Shaw

Lola Foxx and Lucie Black - Lesbians Kept Shagging Long After the Cut!

Description: Lola Foxx seduces the perky Lucie Black, in the bold beginning of this 34 minute scene. The two young lesbians are on fire for each other, and gauging by the way this scene goes, we bet they'll be at each other all day. Lola lays Lucie back on the kitchen bar, and eats her pussy, while Lucie throws her head back and sees stars. Then Lucie bends Lola over and enjoys a long, long lunch. They don't even stop at the end for breath...

Starring: Lucie Black, Lola Foxx