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Dani Daniels' the Yoga Instructor
Back cover - Dani Daniels' the Yoga Instructor

Dani Daniels' the Yoga Instructor Vol.1

Description : How do you stay so fit? With yoga! Come to class for one-on-one positions with the sexiest instructor ever, Dani Daniels. In this session, feeling good leads to feeling great!

Starring : Lily Carter, Dani Daniels, Brett Rossi, Elle Alexandra, Heather Starlet

Dani Daniels and Lily Carter - Workout Sex

Description: It's so hard to stay focused on exercise, when your workout partner is so sexy... that's what's running through both Dani Daniels and Lily Carter's minds, in this 28 minute scene. There are so many chances to cop a grope when you're an exercise coach. Cardio work on the lawn is one thing, but these two brunette lesbians decide to head inside, strip naked, and find other ways to keep their heart rates up!

Starring: Lily Carter, Dani Daniels

Brett Rossi and Dani Daniels - These Hot Lesbians Can't Behave!

Description: Brett Rossi and Dani Daniels wore form-fitting black pants, and sports bras, to exercise together in today's scene. The exercise looks unnecessary, though... these two lesbians are fine just as they are! So fine, that all the bending over, and staring at each other in low-riding pants, finally distracts and overwhelms them. Watch their libidos spark early, as these two decide to suck, sweat, squirm, and screw the pounds away instead!

Starring: Dani Daniels, Brett Rossi

Dani Daniels and Elle Alexandra - Enough Teasing, Dammit!

Description: Dani Daniels and Elle Alexandra might have thought they could just traipse around each other in pink bras, and nothing would come of it but sexual frustration. But as you'll see in this 19 minute scene, this is one redheaded dare too many. These two lesbians are done teasing each other. It's time to peel off panties, and ride some tongue! Get ready for two fresh young sluts, looking like they're in heaven!

Starring: Dani Daniels, Elle Alexandra

Dani and Heather Go Wild Together

Description: Dani Daniels and Heather Starlet limber up with some stretches, but then decide to head straight to the pool. It's possible you've never seen lesbians looking this hot! After stripping nude and making out outdoors, they head indoors. The bottom line of this video: for 33 minutes, these hot young women suck on each other like they're hoping for milk! Orgasm after orgasm, back and forth, as their sexy bodies squirm from the fun!

Starring: Heather Starlet, Dani Daniels

Message to the Fans from Brett, Elle, Heather and Lily

Description: Welcome to the bedrooms, living rooms, and private thoughts of four of porn's hottest ladies! Brett Rossi, Heather Starlet, Lily Carter, and Elle Alexandra spend a little quality time, updating the loyal fans, and saying hello to all their new ones, in this 22 minute compilation of chat sessions. These four interviews sadly aren't nude, but the ladies are gorgeous, and act like they're thinking about the same thing you are!

Starring: Heather Starlet, Lily Carter, Brett Rossi, Elle Alexandra