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Lesbian Stepsisters
Back cover - Lesbian Stepsisters

Lesbian Stepsisters Vol.1

Description : Sisters, almost! Isnít it great having a HOT stepsister?

Starring : Dani Daniels, Vanessa Veracruz, Sally Charles, Lexi Bloom, Sensipearl, Izzy Bella Blu, Sophia Jade, Elle Alexandra

Vanessa Veracruz and Dani Daniels - Intense, Must-See Lesbians!

Description: Vanessa Veracruz and Dani Daniels have unmistakable chemistry, in this 22 minute lesbian scene. These two brunette ladies decide to go for the bold route with each other, by trying on new underwear, and then sitting down for an intimate chat. The ploy works, and soon they're licking each other's perky nipples. As this light and steamy scene finishes, they're grinding pussies and kissing each other... don't miss the close-up of that!

Starring: Dani Daniels, Vanessa Veracruz

Lexi Bloom and Sally Charles

Description: Lexi Bloom and Sally Charles star together in this 28 minute lesbian scene. They're about to heat up the kitchen, but the only thing cooking is these two libidos! They're barely in the door before they come together and get topless. Watch Sally break a sweat when Lexi lays her back on the kitchen island and goes down on her! Each of these hot ladies gets her share of taste testing...

Starring: Sally Charles, Lexi Bloom

Sensipearl and Izzy Bella Blu - Must-See Brunette Lesbians!

Description: Fresh brunette nymphos Sensipearl and Izzy Bella Blu have a thousand things they want to do to each others' bodies. They get through plenty, in this sweet and slutty 34 minute lesbian scene. Anyone can see these two have chemistry from the first frame of the video, but they draw it out, teasing each other until the first kiss. After that, no more teasing... they overheat each other and finish with mutual masturbation.

Starring: Sensipearl, Izzy Bella Blu

Elle Alexandra and Sophia Jade - Sun, Friends, and Wet Pussy

Description: Elle Alexandra and Sophia Jade enjoy the sun and each others' company, as this 28 minute scene kicks off. The day is perfect... in no small part, because of the revealing summer outfits they've each chosen to wear. Staring and laughing with such a beautiful friend finally leads to something, as this sexy redhead leans in to kiss her barely-dressed brunette buddy. After that, these experienced lesbians give each other their best thrills!

Starring: Sophia Jade, Elle Alexandra