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Celeste Star's the Teen Hunter
Back cover - Celeste Star's the Teen Hunter

Celeste Star's the Teen Hunter Vol.1

Description : These smoking hot young ladies are no exception to the rule. She’s made up her mind and is on the prowl for fresh n’ easy teen pussy. Don’t be a fool girl – Celeste Star is irresistible!

Starring : Marie McCray, Celeste Star, Brett Rossi, Kodi Gamble, Krystal Banks

Marie McCray Seduced by an Aggressive Celeste Star

Description: Celeste Star gets very aggressive with her redhead lover Marie McCray, for this 33 minute lesbian scene. Marie is swept off her feet by Celeste's dominating mood, and decides just to take it, and like it. Celeste rewards her by eating her pussy until she can't sit still, and then eating it some more. When it's her turn, she rides the redhead's face on the couch, and after she cums, she almost can't stop...

Starring: Marie McCray, Celeste Star

Brett Rossi and Celeste Star - Ditch the Bikini

Description: Brett Rossi and Celeste Star have the day off, and nothing to do but each other, in this 30 minute lesbian scene. Celeste catches Brett swimming, and jumps in topless to flirt. Her lover's naked tits are all it takes to get Brett out of the pool, out of her bikini, and into the mood for sex. They head inside for an exchange of oral sex that gives both girls a turn screaming and squirming in each other's mouths!

Starring: Celeste Star, Brett Rossi

Celeste Star and Kodi Gamble - Bad Brunette Behavior

Description: Celeste Star and Kodi Gamble relive their days as bad, bad girls, in this 31 minute lesbian scene. Smoking behind a fence, groping a girl in public, sneaking off to the bedroom to have sex... they're old enough to know better, but that just makes life more fun! The two petite brunettes treat each other to screaming orgasms and tons of attention, before post-coital kisses close out the scene.

Starring: Celeste Star, Kodi Gamble

Celeste Star and Krystal Banks

Description: Study partners Celeste Star and Krystal Banks have failed to ignore the sexual energy between them. Today's the day it all comes to a head, in this 27 minute lesbian scene. The hell with the books, the notes, and the test... the girls start making out, drag each other off to the couch, and don't come up for air until it's all out of their systems. With libidos like these, they probably won't be back to the books tonight...

Starring: Celeste Star, Krystal Banks

Kodi Gamble, Brett Rossi, and Celeste Star - Let's Make Porn!

Description: Kodi Gamble, Brett Rossi, and Celeste Star decide they want to make a lesbian porno... and a tasty teaser of the result is right here, in this 5 minute lesbian quickie. Catch the bad girls talking over cigarettes at the beginning of the video, and you'll have no doubt in your mind - these chicks ain't chicken. After that, the camera cuts to nervous excitement, as they chat naked on the bed. Enjoy the tease...

Starring: Celeste Star, Kodi Gamble, Brett Rossi