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No Boys No Toys
Back cover - No Boys No Toys

No Boys No Toys Vol.1

Description : Only Fingers, Tongues and Hot Juicy Kitties!

Starring : Hayden Winters, Ashlyn Leigh, Megan Loxx , Presley Scott, Yuki Mori, Kenna Kane, Angel Cakes, Venus Harris

Ashlyn Leigh & Hayden Winters - Lesbian Date, and After...

Description: Ashlyn Leigh and Hayden Winters enjoy a date in the outdoors, before heading home to end the date right, in this 41 minute lesbian scene. As soon as they're in the door and relaxed, they start making out. Then, it's off to a sofa that has more space... for sprawling out, sucking on each others' big natural tits, spreading their legs, and licking each other into a frenzy of orgasm

Starring: Hayden Winters, Ashlyn Leigh

Megan Loxx and Presley Scott

Description: Megan Loxx and Presley Scott prove the girls are just as nasty as the boys, in this 36 minute lesbian scene. They rent a hotel room and decide to record themselves having sex. As soon as the camera is set up, they're ready to go. They strip each other down, and get each other wet with light, seductive touches. Finally they just got mad all over each others' pussies, with masturbation and kisses!

Starring: Megan Loxx , Presley Scott

Kenna Kane and Yuki Mori - Lesbian Tunnel-Vision

Description: Kenna Kane and Yuki Mori start this scene with soft, casual seduction... but once the action starts, they get a lot more honest with their body language! The fact is, these two lesbians desperately want to get right to the pussy-play, and stay at it nonstop, until they both cum! And that's exactly what happens - masturbation and munching, between an Asian and a brunette, with hot bodies and hotter moves!

Starring: Yuki Mori, Kenna Kane

Angel Cakes and Venus Harris

Description: Angel Cakes and Venus Harris get into bed together, and peel off each others' bikinis, to start off this 30 minute lesbian scene. The ladies are both hot, and both eager to please, laying into each other with soft touches, and firm tongues. Before long, they're alternating between pussy-kissing, and mouth-kissing. The reactions, as each of these sexy brunettes lays on her back and gets her pleasure, is amazing to behold!

Starring: Angel Cakes, Venus Harris