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Seduced by Mommy Vol.2
Back cover - Seduced by Mommy Vol.2

Seduced by Mommy Vol.2

Description : Motherly love is like no other!

Starring : Tara Holiday , Missi Daniels, India Summer, Brett Rossi, Summer Daniels , Sheridan Love, Tanya Tate, Stacey Sexton

Tara Holiday Seducing Missi Daniels

Description: Missi Daniels and Tara Holiday relax in the shade in their bikinis, for the outdoor intro to this 36 minute scene. The two lesbians pretty much knew, today was the day someone would make a move. Tara offers a backrub and Missi just melts. Even when Missi hesitates, she can't resist the brunette MILF's moves... and soon, the young Latina is eager enough to follow Tara to the bedroom for more!

Starring: Tara Holiday , Missi Daniels

India Summer and Brett Rossi

Description: Brett Rossi and India Summer brighten each others' days, in this sunny indoor scene. If you want your best girlfriend to cheer you up, you can't go wrong with a white tank top, no bra, and tiny jean shorts... as this blonde can attest. Her lovely brunette friend kisses her, grabs her big tits, and takes her to bed for mutual masturbation, and a ride on a very hungry tongue!

Starring: India Summer, Brett Rossi

Sheridan Love Helps Summer Daniels Sleep

Description: Summer Daniels looks amazing, sleeping naked in Sheridan Love's bed, when this 23 minute lesbian scene begins. Sheridan can't let her sexy lover sleep another minute, and wakes her up for some action. Summer finally gives in to the attention, and starts sucking Sheridan's big tits. Summer will probably sleep a like a rock, after this scene fades out... because Sheridan won't let her until both of them have shaking orgasms!

Starring: Summer Daniels , Sheridan Love

Tanya Tate Visits Stacey Sexton

Description: Tanya Tate is on her own time, and goes to Stacey Sexton's house to get some day-off pussy, for this 31 minute lesbian scene. Her punky MILF friend is happy to see her, and happy to get out of her bikini once she arrives. Both of these sexy lesbians have big tits and tight asses, but the real treat is watching both women cum so hard, they could shatter glass! And not just once, but over, and over again...

Starring: Tanya Tate, Stacey Sexton