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Scent of a Woman
Back cover - Scent of a Woman

Scent of a Woman Vol.1

Description : These gorgeous women show you why they love women. Watch as they caress and touch each other like no man can.

Starring : Eufrat, Dani Daniels, Pepper Kester, Sara James, Veronica Avluv, Hunter Lane, Erin Stone, Becky Brielle

Dani Daniels and Eufrat - Hottest Hookup Possible

Description: Eufrat and Dani Daniels decide to hook up in the hottest, sluttiest way possible, for this 25 minute lesbian scene. Tiny black outfits that hug the body and stop at the ass cheeks, immediate bodily stroking... if you're going to pick a fuck buddy, you might as well start things steamy! The sensual teasing quickly turns into sexual pleasing, as Dani and Eufrat squirm their way from floor, to couch, to chair sharing intense orgasms, and giggly kisses.

Starring: Eufrat, Dani Daniels

Pepper Kester and Sara James - Slip and Suck

Description: Pepper Kester and Sara James don't even pretend there's anything going on besides sex, in this 21 minute lesbian scene. After the two sit bottomless together on the couch, Sara breaks out a nice big toy to tease Pepper's pussy. The perky, think redhead lays back after the two strip naked, and lets her blonde playmate lick and suck her from tits to thighs. They take turns eating each other out, but that's not enough, so they 69 for more!

Starring: Pepper Kester, Sara James

Hunter Lane and Veronica Avluv Finally Fuck

Description: Hunter Lane and Veronica Avluv, two MILFs with big tits, aren't just showing off dresses, at the beginning of this 28 minute lesbian scene. There's a lot more going on between these ladies, and it doesn't take long to figure it out, as a friendly touch turns more sensual. Pent-up lusts explode in a frenzy of willingness, as the scene moves to the bedroom, and the clothes vanish from sight!

Starring: Veronica Avluv, Hunter Lane

Becky Brielle and Erin Stone - Nubile Lesbians

Description: Becky Brielle and Erin Stone are two delicious and nubile lesbians, who fuck like they have no restraint whatsoever - and this scene comes out every bit as hot as that sounds! It's 30 minutes, all in the bed. Almost every minute of it, the girls are nude, and someone's pussy is in someone's mouth! If you like your ladies fresh and easily overwhelmed by pleasurable touches, this is the scene for you!

Starring: Erin Stone, Becky Brielle