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PS I Love You
Back cover - PS I Love You

PS I Love You Vol.1

Description : Lesbian, All Girl, Romance

Starring : Ariel Rose, Trinity St.Clair, Tristyn Kennedy, Ashlyn Leigh, Rylie Richman, Nikki Mae, Ella Milano, Holly Green

Ariel Rose and Trinity St. Clair - Tasty Brunette Lesbians

Description: Ariel Rose and Trinity St. Clair are old enough to know what they're doing, and young enough to look like angels while they do it. In this 24 minute scene, the two brunette lesbians flirt each other out of their pink and black lingerie, and get right to satisfying their oral fixations. Once they've worked themselves into a panting sweat, the toys come out to finish what their tongues and fingers started!

Starring: Ariel Rose, Trinity St.Clair

Ashlyn Leigh Seduced by Tristyn Kennedy

Description: Tristyn Kennedy is in the mood to seduce, and Ashlyn Leigh makes a prime target, in this 31 minute lesbian scene. The busty brunette softens right up under her friend's touch, and melts into the couch, as the pair kiss. They slide each other out of their clothes, and then begin riding each others' faces, and fucking each other with fingers and tongues! A long, thankful kiss closes this encounter after both ladies get their cookie...

Starring: Tristyn Kennedy, Ashlyn Leigh

Nikki Mae and Rylie Richman

Description: Nikki Mae and Rylie Richman have a romantic day planned... romantic and horny, that is. Erotic lingerie and the gift of a new dildo start out this 26 minute lesbian scene. There's romance in the air, but only a few minutes into the scene, the only thing Nikki and Rylie can smell is each others' pussies. Getting each other off only seems to be the start of this encounter... they end the scene acting horny for more!

Starring: Rylie Richman, Nikki Mae

Holly Green and Ella Milano - All Hands and Tongues

Description: Holly Green and Ella Milano get some time alone to misuse the billiards table, in this 30 minute lesbian scene. The light haired brunette in the teal top wants all the attention to go to her breasts, not the billiard balls. Her play date is happy to oblige with a long wiggle of the tongue. Turnabout follows, but after that, both Ella and Holly forget their breasts... all hands and tongues go straight for the pussies, for the rest of the runtime!

Starring: Ella Milano, Holly Green