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Locked Up
Back cover - Locked Up

Locked Up Vol.1

Description : Caged like animals for “bad” behavior, these women prisoners will do anything to “earn” their privileges!

Starring : Skylar Price, Bella Rose, Shey Fox, Destiny Porter, Roxanne Hall, Kara Price, Aiden Star, Haley Cummings

Bella Rose and Skylar Price - Cleaning Girls Get Dirty

Description: Bella Rose and Skylar Price both wore sexy black micro dresses to their office cleaning job, and they've been watching each other bend over all day. For this 28 minute lesbian scene, two blondes with big tits make this fancy office smell sweeter than ever... with a double dose of girl juice! Sure, they get caught by the client, but as far as these MILFs were concerned, it was well worth the risk!

Starring: Skylar Price, Bella Rose

Shey Fox Makes Destiny Porter Squirm

Description: Destiny Porter and Shey Fox might have grown up, but they'll never grow out of their horny younger years. In this 25 minute scene, the two MILFs launch in a no holds barred seduction. They've met up to play on a table in an unused room, and that's exactly what they do! But after Destiny gets her body licked and sucked from every direction, she cums too hard to do anything but stare at Shey in thanks.

Starring: Shey Fox, Destiny Porter

Kara Price Strip Searches Roxanne Hall

Description: Roxanne Hall is an inmate being searched by Kara Price, as the setup for this 29 minute scene. The blonde MILF has been a bad girl, and now Kara is having a power trip. Frisking this naughty tramp has Kara taking sexy risks, teasing Roxanne with her words and her club. She makes Roxanne suck a strap on for her own amusement, then fuck it in all kinds of positions, before this strip search ends!

Starring: Roxanne Hall, Kara Price

Aiden Star and Haley Cummings - Patrol Break

Description: Aiden Star and Haley Cummings are two bad girls in prison. Sure, they might be cops, but that doesn't mean anything! After groping each other on patrol, they find an empty cell, and lock themselves in for a sexy break. What happens next is almost too hot to describe. They grind each other against the bars, massage each others' big tits, and give each other a pussy eating that ends with one naughty officer behind bars!

Starring: Aiden Star, Haley Cummings