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Home Alone: A XXX Masturbation Movie
Back cover - Home Alone: A XXX Masturbation Movie

Home Alone: A XXX Masturbation Movie Vol.1

Description : In this movie thirteen beautiful girls show why time alone can so valuable and rewarding. Prepare to be teased as these sexy ladies finger themselves off the charts! Grab your sex-toys, it is Playtime!

Starring : Anita Blue, Corina Jayden, Brooke Taylor, Chantell Merino, Jessi Star, Lickable Stylez , Raven Stone, Leenuh Rae, Ms Platinum, Larin Lane, Nikki Anne, Tamara Lamere, Erin Stone

Anita Blue Cums for Anal Masturbation

Description: Anita Blue's been out tanning. All the people who stared at her body while she was out there, have driven her over the edge. Nothing like watching dozens of guys imagine you naked, to get a girl ready for a masturbation session! Once she gets naked, she breaks out one of the most bulbous toys we've ever seen, and sinks it into her moist, ready snatch. Then she bends over and takes that toy in the ass!

Starring: Anita Blue

Corina Jayden - Must-See Masturbation

Description: Corina Jayden is so hot, you'll barely notice this is a solo scene! This brunette's masturbation scene is too intense for words, but we'll do our best. Corina gets into the camera, giving this performance as if you were right there in the room with her. She puts on quite the tease show, but that's only until it's time to start cramming toys into her pussy. Just the thought of it got her hot, but once she's pumping herself, she's soaking wet!

Starring: Corina Jayden

Brooke Taylor Lays Right Down, and Grabs Her Toys!

Description: Brooke Taylor eases out of her street clothes, and gets comfortable on the couch, to begin this intense 13 minute masturbation scene. Brooke is a thin, tattooed ebony beauty with perfect skin, and hot curves everywhere. She treats herself right from beginning to end, and doesn't hesitate to get down to the good stuff - she'll show you half a dozen ways women like to use toys on themselves, before the final orgasm in this scene!

Starring: Brooke Taylor

Chantall Merino Eases Into Masturbation

Description: Chantell Merino loves to watch the camera, watching her, as she strips at the beginning of this 14 minute scene. Chantell is a tall, thick blonde who likes the attention, almost as much as she likes the feeling of toys slipping up her pussy. Chantell doesn't exactly tease the camera before she gets started masturbating, but she knows you enjoy every stage as she seduces herself into cumming on the couch!

Starring: Chantell Merino

Jessi Star's Intensely Seductive Masturbation

Description: Jessi Star blows our minds right from the start, and never lets up, in this 12 minute masturbation scene. Watching her get undressed might be enough to bust a nut for some of you... but what comes after will take care of you, no problem! Jessi drills herself in all kinds of positions... she isn't just squirming on those toys, she has to get up and fuck that dildo for all her might!

Starring: Jessi Star

Lickable Stylez Gets Really Into Masturbation

Description: Lickable Styles looks ready to go as she strips and gropes herself, in the first moments of this 14 minute masturbation scene. Before long, she's more than just getting comfortable... she's buck naked and forgetting herself in front of the camera. Her big fingers slide inside and tweak her clit nice and fast, before reaching for one of her toys to finish the job. That's when she really gets into it!

Starring: Lickable Stylez

Raven Stone Satisfies Herself with Toys

Description: Raven Stone is a cute brunette with small tits and a seductive smile. She strips off powder blue underwear and settles in on the couch, to kick off this 15 minute masturbation scene. Before she's even got her panties off, she's squirming and wincing at how horny she is. Her pussy knows exactly what it wants, and she feeds its desires - first with her fingers, and then with her toys!

Starring: Raven Stone

Leenuh Rae - Masturbation, Meow!

Description: Leenuh Rae is a frisky brunette with a cute, petite body - just enough padding to cushion the blows. For this 15 minute quickie, she gets comfortable on the couch, and squirms herself to full satisfaction using her toys. After the plaid panties and bra come off, she lubes her dildo up with her mouth, then keeps it wet by burying it in her pussy! This intense masturbation scene has her squeezing her nipples while she cums hard and slow - must see!

Starring: Leenuh Rae

Ms Platinum's Juicy Solo Masturbation

Description: Ms Platinum twists and turns her sexy ebony body in a denim mini skirt and bikini top, to get you interested in the opening moments of this 13 minute scene. Platinum is one juicy, sexy, petite little beauty. Her curves will make you want to chew the fat, but when she lays down to touch herself, all you'll want to do is stare. This hypnotic masturbation session starts with the fingers, and ends with Ms. Platinum very happy with her toys.

Starring: Ms Platinum

Larin Lane Wears Herself Out with Toys

Description: Larin Lane wiggles her way out of a denim skirt, and rubs her holes at the camera, to start this 12 minute masturbation scene. Larin is a well-built blonde with a gorgeous body, barely an ounce of fat, and perfect skin. She lays back and starts driving her fingers into the wet, bald snatch between her legs, before grabbing a toy. The camera watches until she's worn out... which doesn't take long, from such a big toy!

Starring: Larin Lane

Nikki Anne - Curvy Brunette, Intense Masturbation

Description: Nikki Anne, the curvy brunette for today's 12 minute masturbation scene, kicks things off with a shiver and a sigh. She feels her way into her own bra and panties, then slides her way out of them. Down below, she's shaved bald, and ready to grind against her own fingers. But soon that's not enough, and she reaches for the toys - not one, but two vibrators! With one on her clit and the other inside, Nikki makes this a solo scene to remember!

Starring: Nikki Anne

Tamara Lamere's Hot Masturbation Solo

Description: Tamara Lamere is a hot ebony filly who wants to show the world her horny side. She showed up in pink and white underwear, brought her favorite toys, and gave us this killer 15 minute masturbation scene. She feels herself up and stares at the camera as she strips down to nothing. Her fingers get her started, then the bulbous dildo comes out, and goes inside. She squirms into all kinds of positions as she humps that rod!

Starring: Tamara Lamere

Erin Stone - Intense Must-See Masturbation

Description: Erin Stone is a beautiful brunette with a body that begs for satisfaction... and we mean that both ways. She's both, intolerably sexy, and horny enough to do something about it! This might be the most compelling masturbation scene you ever watch, clocking at 7 steamy gonzo minutes, that Erin hopes you'll watch again and again! That's what she's thinking about, as she stares at the camera, and fingers her bald pussy in full view...

Starring: Erin Stone