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Back cover - Crave

Crave Vol.1

Description : Two women deprived of sexual love finally can devour one another!

Starring : Celeste Star, Sophia Jade, Stephani Moretti, Veronica Rodriguez, Karlie Montana, Ashley Jane , Kenna Kane, Ariel Rose

Celeste Star and Sophia Jade - Dress Meets Bedroom Floor

Description: Celeste Star and Sophia Jade try on dresses, as a great excuse to get each other nude, in the beginning of this 34 minute lesbian scene. These two adorable brunettes look hot in every single dress, but as one of them starts to stroke the other, you realize - this was always about getting each other naked. Stroking leads to kissing, and then both girls get a turn grinding against the other's ravenous mouth!

Starring: Celeste Star, Sophia Jade

Stephani Moretti and Veronica Rodriguez - Latina Lesbians

Description: Stephani Moretti and Veronica Rodriguez are two delicious Latinas, and they can't keep their lips off each other, in this 30 minute scene. It doesn't take much for these two to start making out, and neither of them is teasing. Both ladies are amazingly sexy when naked, from head to toe - and like we said, they can't keep their mouths off each other! Masturbation and pussy eating fill the runtime starting as soon as the ladies can get their clothes off!

Starring: Stephani Moretti, Veronica Rodriguez

Ashley Jane and Karlie Montana - Slippery Slopes

Description: Ashley Jane doesn't know what's coming, when she sits down with Karlie Montana, at the beginning of this 24 minute lesbian scene. This petite blonde has Karlie's eye, and isn't getting away without a flirt. One thing quickly leads to another, and Ashley's sexy little body hops right out of her clothes, lays back, and finds out exactly how good Karlie is at eating pussy! They go back and forth, giving and taking, then decide to 69 on the floor.

Starring: Karlie Montana, Ashley Jane

Kenna Kane Seduced by Ariel Rose

Description: Kenna Kane and Ariel Rose have the classic study partner problem: how to study, while constantly wondering how long it's going to take before someone makes a move! Ariel plays the bold one in this 27 minute scene, stroking and seducing Kenna, until the last of her resistance is out the window, and her natural tits are in Ariel's mouth. Before it's over, these sexy young brunettes 69 on the couch.

Starring: Kenna Kane, Ariel Rose