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No Boys No Toys Vol.2
Back cover - No Boys No Toys Vol.2

No Boys No Toys Vol.2

Description : This is sheer lesbian passion that is as organic as you can get! Thatís right, there is no need for boys and no time for toys! The all girl-on-girl action captures fresh and delicious feminine intimacy in itís pure form!

Starring : Erin Moore, Lavish Styles, Ariana Fox, Lola Foxx, Asia Zo, Casondra Kryptik, Khloe Rush, Jessie Ross

Erin Moore and Lavish Styles

Description: Erin Moore and Lavish Styles barely get all the way out of their clothes at the start of this video, because they're so horny and ready to eat each other out! But soon, their amazing bodies are revealed, as they kiss each other until they shiver, in this 31 minute lesbian scene. Tribbing, ass eating, tongue fucking, mutual masturbation... when these two hook up, they'll do anything that feels good, in any position!

Starring: Erin Moore, Lavish Styles

Lola Foxx and Ariana Fox - Frantic, Foxy Lesbian Fucking

Description: Lola Foxx and Ariana Fox star together in this foxy 23 minute lesbian scene. Our scene starts with two brunettes on the bed, both of them eager enough to ravage each others' bodies, that they're grinning uncontrollably like they just don't care. It takes no time at all before these lithe, nubile lovers are tongue-fucking, 69ing, and masturbating with their legs entwined! The couple ends the scene cuddling and kissing.

Starring: Ariana Fox, Lola Foxx

Asia Zo and Casondra Kryptik from No Boys No Toys 2

Description: Asia Zo and Casondra Kryptik star together in No Boys No Toys 2, for this intense 31 minute lesbian scene. The two brunettes barely stop to say hello before getting started, peeling off each others' clothes, and giving their mouths the tour of each others' bodies. Casondra spends most of the video on her back, whether having her pussy sucked, or having Asia sit on her face. Asia, on the other hand, is so horny she can't stay still!

Starring: Asia Zo, Casondra Kryptik

Khloe Rush and Jessie Ross - Play Shy All She Wants...

Description: Watch as Jessie Ross and Khloe Rush play shy and giddy against brash and unashamed, in this toe curling 35 minute lesbian scene. Once the two are away from prying eyes, the couch can't protect the brushing brunette from how wet her pussy is, when her new lover goes in for the kiss. If these two were any more into eating each others' pussies, they'd be IN each others' pussies!

Starring: Khloe Rush, Jessie Ross